Current Events Club Hosts Venezuelan Refugee/Dissident

Mr. Di Martino offered a unique and insightful perspective on the consequences of socialism. Having personally experienced the effects of authoritarianism, he is a staunch advocate for freedom whose message resonates clearly with Gerstell's motto of Leadership, Honor, and Courage.His presentation was prompted when Gerstell senior, Matthew Finkel heard Mr. DiMartino speak at the Ronald Reagan Ranch Center where he was a panelist for an escaping communism seminar. Matthew continued to stay in touch and was inspired to reach out to Daniel to invite him to speak at Gerstell. 
Following his large group presentation to the juniors and seniors, Mr. Di Martino met with a small group of students for a lunchtime discussion. This session afforded students the opportunity to further analyze a wide array of economic and social issues with a true scholar.  This conversation included a thought-provoking discussion on a myriad of global issues, including immigration, health care, and the relative standard of living in a variety of countries.  
Through the Dissident Project, Mr. Di Martino aims to educate students on how authoritarianism takes hold, what happens when it does, and most importantly, what America can learn from current and former socialist states around the world. His informed and intelligent perspective will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on our students and spark meaningful discussions. 
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