Campus Life

Gerstell Academy Parents Association (GAPA)

Gerstell Academy's Parents' Association, known as GAPA, is comprised of Gerstell parents who foster good-will and promote favorable public relations on and off the school's campus.

GAPA helps to improve the school's quality of life among its students, faculty, administration, and families through a myriad of ways. All Gerstell Academy parents are members of GAPA and are encouraged to volunteer their time, talent and treasures toward the betterment of Gerstell.

GAPA volunteers serve in many ways through varied committees such as, lunch monitors, field trip chaperones, library assistants and much more. Parents who are not able to volunteer during the school day may also provide "behind the scenes" support or by joining the Refreshments Committee.
Dawn Nee President Upper School Parent
Stacy Walls Vice President Alumni and Upper School Parent
Jaime Gill 2nd Vice President Lower School Parent
Sheri Gustavsson Treasurer Upper School Parent
Maria Schmidt
Assistant Treasurer and Public Relations Lower School Parent
Maria Ieromonahos Secretary Lower School Parent

2024-2025 GAPA EVENTS

Coming Soon .....
2500 Old Westminster Pike
Finksburg, MD 21048-1823