Lower School

Greetings from the Lower School! It is with great pleasure that I share a glimpse into this nurturing and mentoring environment steeped in leadership development.
I am ecstatic to serve as the Head of Lower School. To this role, I bring my experience in working with curriculum and teachers from lower and middle school, my enthusiasm in partnering with parents, and my love for educating students.

As you continue to learn more about our school community, we believe you will find that what makes our Lower School a place where your child can grow is summarized in the words of Gerstell's Mission Statement.

In fact, I encourage you to test us by looking for how we can bring these hallmarks of the Lower School experience and our mission, to life for your family:

1. My child will thrive at this school and be known at this school.
2, My child will grow and mature and fulfill potential at this school.
3. My child will develop emotionally and socially in a healthy environment at this school.
4. My child will cultivate natural and developed talents at this school.

Intellectual curiosity and a love for learning will be developed through in-class activities and co-curricular offerings. Our Leadership Model is integrated into all academic areas. Leadership Circle provides students with opportunities to practice public speaking and social skills and model, practice, and learn about the Gerstell Motto, Leadership Principles and Attributes, and our Portrait Leaders so essential to our mission. Our students are well prepared to delve further into the Five Areas of Academic Leadership.

I hope there will be many opportunities for us to talk and learn more from one another as we strive to produce leaders who will be ready to accept challenges with confidence, resourcefulness, and success.


Ben Thompson
Head of Lower School
At Gerstell, we believe education should meet the needs of young students at their developmental stages. We provide many experiential learning opportunities for them to grow and develop wholly. Early education is important for continued success in learning throughout the Lower School. As students move through the primary grades and beyond, they are challenged to demonstrate mastery of the Gerstell Leadership Principles and Attributes, and to accept responsibility for their actions. Students are given the tools necessary to reach their full potential academically as our gifted faculty help students master the language arts, including basic Spanish communication, and develop mathematical prowess while encouraging individual creative expression and critical thinking skills.

Through our leadership instruction we are confident that students will become independent thinkers who are well prepared to excel in middle school and beyond.
"Our family will miss living in Maryland very much. Our oldest son, Sam, was lucky enough to attend Gerstell Academy for one year. He gained so much confidence in himself this year. Our biggest regret is having to leave Gerstell Academy knowing that they do such a wonderful job of helping their students reach their full potential. Thank you for providing such a solid foundation on which Sam will be able to build his education."
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