Leadership Model

Seven Functional Areas for Leadership Development

The seven functional areas of leadership are:
  1. Self-awareness is to know oneself. To lead others an individual must first understand themselves. Leadership education requires assisting each student to understand their strengths, tendencies, and capabilities.
  2. Leadership Academics are the specific leadership content and skills taught, “The Five Academic Areas of Leadership.” The five areas are: Traditional Leadership, History, Environmental Science, Adolescent Psychology, and Comparative Religions and Culture.
  3. Leadership Reading is the specific leadership reading material assigned to students (i.e., biographies, events, virtues, leadership philosophy, fiction, nonfiction, etc.) to build a foundation of experiences and reflections on leadership. All leaders are regular readers.
  4. Coaching (mentoring) is the assignment of a person with experience and wisdom to provide guidance to each student. The greatest leadership development occurs when one is assisted through the process with goal setting, goal evaluation, and regular feedback. Coaching is built into the Gerstell program through classroom leaders, Advisors, and student mentoring programs.
  5. Adversity / Challenge / Opportunity is the opportunity to test oneself and grow through the experience. All Leaders must be put to the test. Challenging students appropriately for their age (speeches, team leader, responsibility for classroom duties, etc.) gives them an opportunity to develop the virtues and skills to deal with future challenges.
  6. Leadership Observation is learning vicariously by observing and evaluating others in a leadership role. The community of adults and students constantly provide leadership observation opportunities for students.
  7. Leadership Experience is the experience of students’ applying the academics and skills taught in the classroom and in physical training by fulfilling a leadership role. Experience is an exceptional teacher giving students the responsibility to lead themselves and others allowing them to grow as leaders.
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