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Mission Statement: The mission of Gerstell Academy’s Learning Support Program is to provide academic assistance to students with documented learning accommodation plans and guidance to families and faculty as they aim to meet the individual needs of the students. We seek to produce self-confident, independent learners who can think critically and advocate for themselves as they gain self-awareness and take ownership of their learning in a rigorous, college preparatory academic environment. Individual learning accommodation plans are designed and implemented to assist students as they work to reach their full potential.  Gerstell Academy is a diverse educational community with students of many learning styles. Our faculty members utilize a variety of instructional methods to reach all learners. The Learning Support Program serves as a resource for students, faculty, and parents. 
Direct Services Provided 
  • Create individual learning accommodation plans for students based on documented academic testing.   
  • Evaluate student progress and effectiveness of accommodations and implementation. 
  • Provide guidance to families as they consult with outside professionals for educational testing. 
  • Communicate with outside professionals such as tutors or therapists to support the development of the student. 
  • Collaborate with teachers and administration to develop strategies that best support students’ educational needs. 
  • Provide individual or small-group strategy focused intervention for students in Upper and Middle School with learning accommodations plans during their study hall and/or tutorial periods on an as-needed basis. 
  • Apply for testing accommodations through College Board for SAT and/or AP exams.
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