At Gerstell Academy, we define leadership as
"The art of positively influencing others to unite in a common direction and guiding them to improve themselves and their community."
Gerstell Academy students and faculty endeavor to fully understand and cultivate leadership habits. Opportunities are constantly sought to challenge, test, and demonstrate students' knowledge and skills as leaders, as well as provide opportunities to put their leadership skills into action to better their community.

Lower school leadership begins with our "Falcon Friends" program. Intermediate aged lower school students are paired with primary students as Falcon Friends and serve as mentors and examples for their younger friends to emulate throughout the year. These meaningful relationships serve to build the confidence, self-awareness and compassion of both students.

Middle school students graduate to a similar mentoring program known as "Oaks and Seedlings." The Oaks and Seedlings program highlights the partnership of upper school "Oak" students with the "Seedling" students within the middle school to facilitate lasting friendships and mentorships that will continue even after graduation.

Leadership opportunities abound for upper school students as well. In addition to participating in the Oaks and Seedlings program, upper school students have the opportunity to participate in the Gerstell Academy Community Action Group. Its mission is to promote community service within the school and serve the neighboring community where help is most needed.

By engaging in these programs and exercising their leadership skills on a daily basis, Gerstell students graduate prepared to compete in an increasingly global society as confident, bright and resourceful leaders among their peers.
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