Upper School

College Guidance

The Office of College Guidance at Gerstell Academy is highly individualized and designed to help students and parents navigate their way through the college application process. Every student has a story to tell, and our reward is to learn and share each student’s story through the college process. Year-round access to our counselors gives students the invaluable opportunity to share their input at every stage of their college journey.  In college counseling, we prioritize individual attention and the connection we create with each student. While student ownership of the process is at the core of our program, students work closely with their counselors. The Gerstell Academy College Guidance program spans all grade levels, encouraging thoughtful introspection at every stage to empower students to make well-informed decisions regarding their college planning.

Gerstell Academy’s College Guidance Roadmap

9th Grade
We help students explore their interests so they can develop a long-term plan for Upper School.

10th Grade
Students start to think about how their strengths and interests can help them with future opportunities. Students are encouraged to explore summer experiences that align with their interests and learn about careers and college programs. Students will also take the PSAT for practice.

11th Grade
We help students deepen their ways to demonstrate leadership and dive into college research. Eleventh grade is when students consider college fit from three areas: academic, social, and financial. Students attend an essay workshop, take the PSAT, request letters of recommendations, and get organized for senior year.

12th Grade
Students receive ongoing support from the College Guidance team throughout their application process. We help students finalize application plans, meet each school’s deadlines, help with financial applications, and finalize the enrollment process.

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