Welcome to the Lower School Pre-Kindergarten of Gerstell Academy! It is with great pleasure that I share with you an overview of this positive and nurturing learning environment steeped in leadership development. We are most proud of our hardworking students and invite you to see for yourself what makes Gerstell Academy such a special place.
At Gerstell Academy, our Pre-Kindergarten program plants the seeds of leadership in the fertile minds and hearts of our youngest students. Our values-based Leadership model takes root with daily nurturing in an environment enriched by challenging opportunities to explore, interact, create, learn and play.
Leadership: Children learn respect and to treat others as they want to be treated by listening, taking turns, and showing good manners. Children find their voices at Leadership Circle by answering questions and presenting to peers.

College Preparatory Academics: Academic Readiness is reinforced through story time, play acting, puzzles, and games. STEAM activities promote critical and creative thinking skills. Art and Music stretch imagination. Science encourages exploration and experimentation. Hands-on Mathematics enhances number sense, patterns, and classification skills.
Physical Fitness: Children spend time at recess in unstructured play and develop body coordination and gross motor skills through physical education classes. Healthy habits such as nutritious eating and frequent hand washing are reinforced throughout the course of each day.
Modern Language Proficiency: Children are introduced to Spanish through songs, games, arts, and crafts led by Upper School students proficient in the Spanish language.
Gerstell’s Pre-Kindergarten offers:

  • Professional Educators with many years of teaching experience
  • Daily snacks and recess
  • Multiple opportunities for parent involvement
  • Interactions with schoolmates in Kindergarten through Grade 12
  • Physical Education four times each week
  • Special Area Leaders teaching Art, Library/Media, IT, Music, and Science
  • Daily Centers and quiet time
  • Field Trips
  • Affordable tuition: approximately $1050 per month, $10,500 for the academic year
  • Before Care, After Care, and Summer Camps also available on campus
Please drop by Wednesday afternoons anytime between noon and 3pm for a tour! Summer tours offered now through August 14.

Haloti and Christina Ngata

Our family will miss living in Maryland very much. Our oldest son, Sam, was lucky enough to attend Gerstell Academy for one year. He gained so much confidence in himself this year. Our biggest regret is having to leave Gerstell Academy knowing that they do such a wonderful job of helping their students reach their full potential. Thank you, Gerstell Academy and Mrs. Dackermann, for providing such a solid foundation on which Sam will be able to build his education.
2500 Old Westminster Pike
Finksburg, MD 21048-1823