Motto, Principles and Attributes

Gerstell Academy expects all members of its community to behave in a manner that brings honor and credit to themselves, their families, and to the school. The following Motto, Leadership Principles and Attributes are standards to which one should strive to promote an environment conducive to education and leadership development.

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  • Motto

    • Leadership
    • Honor
    • Courage
  • Principles

    1. Respect your parents, your teachers and those in authority.
    2. Be honest, ethical, moral and true to your word.
    3. Treat others as you want to be treated.
    4. Be courageous in the face of adversity.
    5. Strive for a positive attitude and to be civil at all times.
    6. Approach every endeavor with passion, conviction and persistence.
    7. Work to reach your full potential.
    8. Take full responsibility for your actions and their consequences.
    9. Be thankful for and generous with your time, talents and treasures.
    10. Humble yourself before Almighty God and respect the Divine Nature of life in the universe.
  • Attributes

    L - Listen
    E - Express Appreciation
    A - Action
    D - Do the right thing
    E - Example
    R - Resourcefulness
    S - Sincerity
    H - Hope
    I - Instruct others
    P - Perseverance
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