Middle School Performs DNA Extraction

In Mr. Segal’s seventh-grade science class, students have been learning about cellular functions, including the cell cycle and mitosis. Students learned how to extract DNA from a strawberry, using commonly found household materials and a process that mimics the scientific process.  They are wrapping up their unit on “Cells” and have identified the characteristics of all living things.  

During the unit on cells, students learned about the differences between plants and animal cells before moving onto cellular structures and their functions. These functions include cellular transport photosynthesis, respiration, and cell division. DNA replication is an important part of cell division. This topic led to their culminating activity in which they extracted DNA from strawberries. 
When asked to describe how students learn best, Mr. Segal shared the following: 
“In Your Brain, not On Your Brain! It is better to understand rather than memorize. The best understanding comes from experience.” 
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