La Feria de Culturas Hispanas

Music, dancing, traditional Spanish food, and much more filled the Gerstell Academy campus last Saturday. Our community enjoyed LA FERIA DE CUTURAS HISPANAS, a student-led festival that was held on the same day as International Book Day and United Nations Spanish Language Day. The campus came alive with the sounds, sights, and aromas of places around the world. The fourth grade students worked hard in preparation for this day and performed a Peruvian dance along with two professional championship performers, Annemarie Cake and Brian Flores. Pupusas, tacos, arepas, and homemade flan were just a few of the wonderful dishes served at the festival. The Hill family graciously brought two beautiful alpacas who enjoyed mingling with the crowds. Thank you to Sra. Doyle, Sra. Lutton, Elizabeth Chagalis '22, Daniela Gutman '22, Faith Bissen '22, Zavion Valedon '23, Naomi Halphen '23, the fourth-grade students, the Hill family, and all the volunteers for all their hard work in planning and executing this year's festival.
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