Falcon Outreach Fosters Hope

Is all of this food for us?” This question was posed by a nine-year old boy who lives in a family shelter. When the Falcon Outreach students replied, “yes,” he continued to ask, “Why would you give all of this to us?” Junior Rylie Bruffey shared this story after delivering food to the shelter and commented, “His curiosity made me realize how he and many other people are not used to generosity from others. I look forward to doing this again next year because it inspires me to appreciate the opportunities and love that I receive.”
Led by President Courtney Ricker, and Vice President Faith Bissen, Falcon Outreach took action and organized a successful and rewarding canned food and gift drive. Students in all three divisions participated in this community service project. The Falcon Outreach officers presented the plans for a Canned Food Drive at a Leadership Circle and the students and teachers responded with much enthusiasm. Due to the overwhelming generosity of students and staff members alike, Falcon Outreach was able to provide much needed food items to multiple family shelters.
As the afternoon of delivering food and gifts came to a conclusion, sophomore Sam Skelly commented, “It was an amazing experience to see how much our donations will help.” Sophomore Abby Haga added, “It was eye-opening to see how fortunate we are and it made me feel grateful for all of the opportunities we are given.”  Meeting with the staff at all three locations and listening to them explain how their services work caused junior John Delgado to comment, “It was something that makes anybody stop and wonder how so close to you there are others in need. This was a great opportunity for us to give thanks and donate what we have to those who may face challenges accessing help.”
Thank you to everyone in the Gerstell community who helped to make this project a success. Falcon Outreach deeply appreciates the incredible sharing of many Falcons’ time, talent, and treasures.
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