Kindergarten Students Share their Passion for Penguins

During the month of January, under the leadership of Mrs. Kimberley Eysaman and Mr. Rodgers Hagert, our Kindergarten students have learned all about polar animals and their habitats. The students were most fond of the study of penguins. Each student picked one of 17 different types of penguins to research and study. They learned where the penguins live, what they eat, how big they get, and how they make their nests. They were also tasked to find one way that their chosen penguin is different than all other penguins. After all the research was complete, the students created a model, painting, poster, or similar creation to showcase their penguin.
The students memorized their penguin research facts, dressed up with penguin masks, and shared their knowledge with the other Lower School students and faculty during a special Leadership Circle. 
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