Ms. Sugg’s Advisory Crowned 2022 BOK Champions

The Gerstell Academy Book of Knowledge, or "BOK," is a compilation of the minimum fundamental knowledge and skills expected of a Gerstell Academy Middle and Upper School student. Three advisories from ninth through eleventh grades fiercely competed in the tenth annual BOK Challenge last Friday. The twelfth-grade students assisted with designing the questions for the competition.
The preliminary round of questions took place before the finale which determined the top advisory for each grade. Dr. Greenspoon, Sra. Doyle and Ms. Sugg’s advisories made it to the final rounds. The students were challenged to answer questions that pertained to the Gerstell Academy Portrait Leaders, the Gerstell Academy Leadership Model, etiquette, history, social skills, and more.  
Ms. Sugg's advisory demonstrated their impressive depth of knowledge and earned the rights to the coveted Book of Knowledge trophy.
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