Freshman Class Tours United States Naval Academy

On Monday, November 22, the Class of 2025 and their advisors traveled to Annapolis, Maryland, to tour the United States Naval Academy. They learned about the founding of the Naval Academy, the history and traditions of the Academy, and the daily life of the midshipmen. Gerstell Academy graduate and current Fourth Class Midshipman Emily Messinese (Gerstell Class of 2021) graciously shared her time with the group to talk about her transition from Gerstell's leadership program to plebe summer and her first year at the Naval Academy. The students were impressed with the rigorous schedule Emily described and her positive attitude toward meeting the challenges ahead. The students took a guided walking tour through several historic buildings including Dahlgren Hall, Bancroft Hall, and the Chapel where they saw the tomb of Naval Hero John Paul Jones. As the students passed the midshipmen on the quad, they tested something they learned from the tour guide. When our student called out, "Go Navy!" true to form the midshipmen responded, "Beat Army!" to the delight of our freshmen. 
2500 Old Westminster Pike
Finksburg, MD 21048-1823