Senior Rory Smist Receives Outstanding Citizenship Award from the Sons of the American Revolution

Rory serves as the Vice President of the Student Government Association, is a talented athlete, artist, and has accumulated over 200 community service hours during her high school year. She has an adventurous spirit, and thrives on spontaneity. Rory LOVES the outdoors, and cherishes her time near any body of water. She is happiest when “just going for it”, but also has a careful and cautious side when it comes to speaking and choosing those she lets close to her heart.  Rory enjoys time away from technology and her outlook on life is that she never wants to live a life “where you are so focused on the future that you miss out on the present.”
     Rory has been raised to see the best in all people and to not judge others. She maintains a positive attitude at all times and works to bring positivity to others. She has a strong moral compass, and has made a conscious effort to stay true to herself throughout high school, as a result has grown tremendously in self-awareness and self-confidence. Finding a balance in her academics, athletics, and service activities, Rory has also been able to work, sharing her love of swimming with children while teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding.

The Associator, Volume 11 (Issue 1), page 9.
2500 Old Westminster Pike
Finksburg, MD 21048-1823