Gerstell Upper School Students Enhance the Lives of Others through Internship Program

Two Gerstell Academy students, Aaron Rubalsky ‘20 and Hunter Linton ‘21, are making a positive difference by sharing their time, talents, and treasures for the betterment of others. As part of a Gerstell Academy Intern/Mentor Program; Spanish in the Community, these two students have contributed in a big way! Students in this Upper School program receive professional guidance in a field of study while using Spanish. They actualize their classroom experience and textbook knowledge while contributing to the community at the same time. By the end of the course, they have created and shared a product to benefit others.
Aaron, a volunteer for the Glyndon Fire Department, identified the need for first responders to know conversational Spanish in order to provide effective care. Aaron researched the status of language services provided by emergency personnel throughout the United Stated and communicated with multiple investigators who also recognized the need for this service. He interviewed firefighters, surveyed their pre-existing skills in Spanish, and developed and delivered lessons on site. Aaron has also used this stay-at-home time wisely and continued to work on his own website; He was delighted when a California lifeguard contacted him to say he had used the website during his certification process and is interested in receiving more of Aaron's Spanish lessons. Aaron will continue to work on his website and has plans  to meet with the Baltimore County Fire Chief and County Executive in the near future.
Hunter Linton is interested in pursuing a career in international business and Spanish. He has set two goals: to explore how to better relations between local businesses and the Spanish-speaking population in our community and to encourage more businesses to offer bilingual services. As part of the Intern/Mentor program, Hunter has been working for a local bilingual attorney and is serving as a translator for non-Spanish-speaking lawyers. Hunter has also spent his stay-at-home time judiciously by interviewing owners of businesses that already offer bilingual services. He has helped a local restaurant translate their menu into Spanish and wishes to offer resources for businesses that are hiring bilingual employees in the future. As part of Hunter’s research, he has communicated with the Baltimore Hispanic Commission and the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.
Both Aaron and Hunter will deliver their presentations to the Gerstell community via Zoom in the later part of May. These young men exemplify what it means to be a Gerstell leader, and their contributions to the greater community will live on for years to come.
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