The 2019 Roaring Run Review Literary Magazine

The Creative Writing class at Gerstell Academy celebrates its 6th publication of The Roaring Run Review literary magazine. Named after the river that runs through our beautiful property, The Roaring Run, Gerstell’s literary magazine is like a continuous river, forever flowing with the creative students’ voices that take the twists of themes and investment of effort and time. When they submit to The Roaring Run Review, student leaders feel a sense of ownership and pride that goes into the sharing of their writing. 
The publication process also instills leadership-- the students involved in the production process explore and practice editing, formatting, setting goals, meeting deadlines, problem solving, advertising, branding the school image, and the use of technology for college and career readiness.
We hope that you enjoy the students’ voices of poetry, fiction, photography and artwork, and we'd like to thank Gerstell Academy for always encouraging students to explore career fields involving editing, publishing, writing, graphic design, business/marketing to promote the humanities. We feel it is essential that students view themselves as writers in the Upper School so that they can reach the wide array of readers through alumni, current students, staff and families in our community. 
The internet venue will immortalize their voices as well, so that they may read their works years from now and reflect on the powerful messages they shared for years to come.  

The 2019 Roaring Run Review 
2500 Old Westminster Pike
Finksburg, MD 21048-1823