Upper School Theatre Club presents Bye Bye Birdie

Bye Bye Birdie was a hit at Gerstell Academy during all three shows. This year, there was a large cast composed of eight main parts and many minor parts including teenagers. Bye Bye Birdie tells the story of Conrad Birdie (Noah Spencer) a popular rock and roll star, being drafted to the Army which made his fans miserable. Albert Peterson (Hunter Linton) and Rosie Alvarez (Jana Dubinovsky) planned for Conrad to go to Sweet Apple Ohio to bestow his last kiss upon Kim MacAfee (Grace Vaeth). The audience could tell that every line of the play was spoken with passion. The countless hours spent rehearsing were shown through the characters’ confidence on stage.
The play was well received by cast members and the audience. Noah Spencer, one of the leads said “The play was riveting, exciting, and hilarious.” On behalf of the stage crew, Chris Day said that “It was good. The cast worked through any hiccups that they had very well. They all portrayed their characters accurately.” 
The Art Honor Society were magnanimous with their time, talents, and treasures. Without help from The Art Honor Society, the play wouldn’t have had a backdrop or most of the props. Lexi Thomas is a member of The Art Honor Society and she said that “It took a lot of people to work on it and it really showed.” Emily Messinese came to the show Friday night and said “I liked the show, it was very fun and upbeat. My favorite character was Mae Peterson.”  
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