Gerstell Academy Junior Wins National Spanish Award

Elizabeth Chagalis has been awarded the 2021 Bertie Green Travel Award for High School Juniors from the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (the National Spanish Honor Society). Elizabeth is one of two high school juniors from chapters throughout the United States who will spend four weeks this summer in a cultural immersion program at Concordia Language Villages in the North woods of Minnesota.
Elizabeth garnered this national award by expertly implementing the Gerstell Leadership Model throughout the extensive application process. Elizabeth submitted a two-page essay in Spanish about the value of language study. Her essay was accompanied by a video submission in which she held a conversation with her teacher in Spanish for five minutes about the impact of language study, her motivation for taking Spanish, and her participation and service to the Gerstell Academy chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. In the filmed conversation, Elizabeth touched on the challenges of group travel and how this immersive opportunity could influence her future endeavors. Lastly, She submitted an official transcript and two letters of recommendation for consideration.
This national award underscores Elizabeth’s dedication and passion for the Spanish language and culture. Elizabeth plans to continue her Spanish studies in college. We look forward to her continued leadership in the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) in 2021-22. Elizabeth has attended Gerstell Academy since Pre-Kindergarten.
Spanish Language Proficiency is one of the four Gerstell Academy pillars. The Gerstell Academy Spanish Department consistently prepares students to compete at the national level.

For an overview of the immersive experience Elizabeth will be experiencing, click here.

Previous winners from Gerstell Academy of this prestigious national travel award are:
Abby Funk (2013)- Costa Rica
Jenna Marcus (2014)- Spain
Audrey Caple (2015) - Puerto Rico
Polina Yashnyk (2016) - Ecuador
Brandon Tan (2017)- Guatemala
Khadija Shah (2018)- Ecuador
Matthew Burdyck (2019) – Perú
Brenna Bruffey (2020)- Ecuador

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