Our Motto

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  • Leadership

    ...at Gerstell is defined as, “The art of positively influencing others to unite in a common direction and guiding them to improve themselves and their community.”
  • Honor

    ...at Gerstell is doing the right thing when no one is looking regardless of the consequences. 
  • Courage

    ...at Gerstell is the ability to act in the face of fear. Not to be fearless, but to learn how to demonstrate both physical and moral courage in the face of adversity. 

Recent News

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  • Steven Snyder

    Steven Snyder ’13 Flying High

    Steven Snyder ’13 is serving our country in the United State Air Force
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  • Colleges Virtually Visiting Gerstell

    College Visits Begin Today!

    As seniors begin to create their best applications for college, Syracuse University and Virginia Commonwealth University kick off the online Gerstell college visits. The plan for this year is to host a variety of virtual and on campus visits, and to provide Gerstell students with valuable opportunities to meet college admissions representatives and ask questions.  
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  • Family Fun Night

    Lower School Hosts “Family Fun Night”

    The Lower School hosted students and their families for an evening of outside fun and games to celebrate the beginning of another fantastic school year. Aside from helping to create great memories, having children see their parents and families participate in having fun cements the importance of community. 
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