Physical Education

The Gerstell Academy Physical Education Program prepares students in grades pre-k-12 for fundamental development and competence in the areas of leadership, team sports, lifetime sports, physical fitness, and self-confidence through age appropriate challenges.

Each component of physical education is coordinated with the entire curriculum in order to reinforce the basic skill sets, knowledge, and fitness needs required to develop a healthy, self-confident, motivated, and fit child.

All students in grades 1-12 will compete twice yearly in the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge. The pre-test is given in the Fall to allow each student to realize their potential and understand what they must work on before the final testing in May. Gerstell students have always excelled in the Presidential Challenge and many of their scores are among the country's top 85-90% by age.

Primary students work to master basic loco-motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination, knowledge and understanding of boundaries, body control, and small group games. Pre-k through 5th graders focus on physical fitness, sport-specific training, game rules and regulations, and compete in many different sports throughout the year.

All physical education classes will stress the values that are necessary for fair play: the right to participate in a safe and healthy environment, the right to be treated with dignity by all, and the right to have fun through physical education.

Leadership guides our curriculum, routines and expectations for student participation in all physical education classes. The mission of the Gerstell Academy Physical Education Program is to provide a fitness experience that reflects our Leadership Principles and Motto "Leadership, Honor, Courage." Gerstell Academy emphasizes life-long fitness to instill wellness and physical conditioning to be an inherent part of a healthy lifestyle. Teamwork is stressed in learning critical aspects of leadership, setting and achieving goals, striving for improvement, developing effort and skill, and an appreciation of winning and losing as a team. The program provides an environment for students to have the opportunity to reach their full fitness and athletic potential. Our students are required to exhibit superior sportsmanship and behavior consistent with the Gerstell Academy Motto, Principles, and Attributes.

Gerstell Academy

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"Gerstell Academy is the only leadership school in the area, and our children have benefited greatly by its values-based curriculum."

Leadership permeates all aspects of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their leadership in school, at home, and in the community.

"The admissions process at Gerstell Academy was a wonderfully welcoming experience. From the moment we entered the Robert E. Smith Hall, we knew that Gerstell was where we wanted our child to be."

"The challenging academics at Gerstell Academy taught our daughter to think critically and to be prepared to compete in an increasingly global society. We loved the Spanish fluency requirement."

Physical training encompasses both daily physical education opportunities and competitive athletics.

Gerstell Academy depends on the generous financial support of the entire Gerstell community. Please join us in the effort to make Gerstell greater!

Gerstell Alumni represent everything that is Gerstell. They are the ambassadors of the school that live the mission every day.

Gerstell Academy aspires and endeavors to remain a vibrant contributing member of our local communities.

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