Lower School Leadership

Lower school provides the foundation for the Gerstell Academy values-based leadership education program by teaching and modeling the Gerstell Mission, Motto, and Leadership Principles and Attributes throughout all disciplines and classes. Students practice leadership in the hallways, at lunch and in all aspects of their daily routines.

Falcon Friends

Lower school leadership begins with our "Falcon Friends" program. Older lower school students are paired with primary students as Falcon Friends and serve as mentors for their younger friends to emulate throughout the year. These meaningful relationships serve to build the confidence, self-awareness, and compassion for both younger and older students.

Leadership Circle

Leadership Circles are held twice weekly for lower school students, faculty, and staff. These opportunities provide students in pre-k through 5th grade the stage to model, practice and learn about the Gerstell Motto, Leadership Principles and Attributes which are so critical to a Gerstell education, as well as learning about leadership through the lives of the individuals depicted in our leadership portraits.

During Leadership Circle, students, faculty, and staff are invited to formally present on a variety of topics with the purpose of furthering leadership instruction. Frequently, Leadership Circles are a culminating activity to demonstrate mastery in a certain subject area through role-play and skits. Students simultaneously practice their public speaking skills and have the occasion to improve both active listening and comprehension skills.

Recent Leadership Circles have included:

  • Women's History
  • Youth Art Month & Student Portraiture
  • Presidents & First Ladies
  • Leaders in Science
  • Shakespeare Monologues
  • Upper School Robotics Club Demonstrations
  • Native American Tribes & Their Contributions

Through mentoring programs like Falcon Friends, peer instructional activities such as Leadership Circles, and other leadership opportunities, lower school students are taught to recognize that they are a reflection of their family, teachers, and Gerstell Academy as they learn to live by the Leadership Principles and Attributes on a daily basis.

Gerstell Academy

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"Gerstell Academy is the only leadership school in the area, and our children have benefited greatly by its values-based curriculum."

Leadership permeates all aspects of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their leadership in school, at home, and in the community.

"The admissions process at Gerstell Academy was a wonderfully welcoming experience. From the moment we entered the Robert E. Smith Hall, we knew that Gerstell was where we wanted our child to be."

"The challenging academics at Gerstell Academy taught our daughter to think critically and to be prepared to compete in an increasingly global society. We loved the Spanish fluency requirement."

Physical training encompasses both daily physical education opportunities and competitive athletics.

Gerstell Academy depends on the generous financial support of the entire Gerstell community. Please join us in the effort to make Gerstell greater!

Gerstell Alumni represent everything that is Gerstell. They are the ambassadors of the school that live the mission every day.

Gerstell Academy aspires and endeavors to remain a vibrant contributing member of our local communities.

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