Lower School celebrates First Friday!

First Friday is an annual tradition, which takes place on the first Friday of the school year. The morning started with each class visiting the showcase of projects created by the students. During this time, students were encouraged to discuss the projects with their classmates to foster conversations about the book. The “Pet Parade” was next on the day’s agenda! In keeping with the theme of the book, students were asked to bring to school their favorite stuffed animal/pet to share with their classmates. Mrs. Eysaman surprised the students with an appearance by Mac, her 16-week English Yellow Labrador puppy.
A special lunch was prepared by grill masters from the P.E. department, Mr. Cap Poklemba and Mr. Phil Gilotte. Lunch was followed by a visit from The Cow serving sweet treats enjoyed by all. The afternoon featured team spirit games such as Freeze Dance and Dogs and Cats (also known as Sharks and Minnows).
As another First Friday comes to an end, the students in the Lower School are excited about the year ahead and look forward to the next adventure!
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