Senior Class Makes a Positive Impact!

The trip was led by senior advisors, Ms. Emily Lowe, Mr. Butch Hilliard, Mr. Sam Bogage, Ms. Kelly Clabaugh and Ms. Jennifer Shields. 
Proposed by members of last year’s senior class, the trip serves as a bonding opportunity to celebrate the “kick off” to senior year. As advisors were waiting for students to return for departure, the first group of students to join the advisors asked for permission to drop their things and go for one last ride. The advisors agreed, and as they dashed off, a man came up and asked whether they were their teachers. The advisors said “yes” and were feeling a little nervous about what would follow!  
“We’ve been watching those kids all day,” he continued, “and I have to say, I’m so impressed by the way they treated one another with respect. The boys and girls all got along so well. I told my friend; I hope my kids turn out just like them!” 
The advisors thanked him for letting them know and added that the group was from Gerstell Academy in Finksburg. 
“Oh, I know,” he said. “I already looked your school up online!”  
The Gerstell Academy leadership and value system is alive and well! 
Three cheers for the Class of 2024! 
2500 Old Westminster Pike
Finksburg, MD 21048-1823