Gerstell Academy senior, Sameer Nasir selected as student page for the Maryland General Assembly

Gerstell Academy is proud to be among the schools whose students were selected.  Student pages serve two nonconsecutive weeks, during the 13 weeks the Maryland General Assembly meets.  The duties of the page revolve around the schedule of the chamber. Whenever the chamber is in session, pages must be present.  Student pages help the members of the Senate and House keep the legislative process moving smoothly and efficiently. The positions are held by Maryland high school seniors, and the selection process is competitive.
Sameer was selected as one of the four students to represent Carroll County.  It is a tremendous honor to be chosen for this highly competitive leadership experience.  Sameer will be working with top tier seniors from around the state this Spring. Sameer’s intellectual depth, love of learning, critical thinking, and phenomenal work ethic make him an ideal student for the page program.  His scholarship has been particularly evidenced in his history classes, most notably AP Human Geography and AP US History.   Sameer has excelled at Gerstell Academy because of his character and innate leadership skills. He holds himself and his peers to the highest standards, setting the example in the classroom, the hallways, and on the athletic field.  In the many leadership positions Sameer holds, he is not just adding to his resume; he is actively engaged in making a difference and leaving the community better than he found it.   
Sameer approaches each day and every endeavor with passion, conviction, and persistence.  Sameer’s inquisitive nature and incredible tenacity will serve him well when he represents Gerstell in Annapolis during the 2023 legislative session.  He will serve as a page during the second and eighth weeks of the 445th meeting of the Maryland General Assembly. 
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