Q & A with Bode Yelland '24: The Journey to Becoming an Eagle Scout

Tell us about your Eagle Scout project? 
My plan was to build an outdoor pavilion on the Gerstell campus which included cubbies and picnic tables.
How did you select this specific project and why on the Gerstell campus?
I thought it was a really good project. As soon as I saw the space, I knew I wanted to build a pavilion. Since wanting to become an Eagle Scout, I had wanted to try my best to complete a project at Gerstell and thought it would fit in perfectly with Gerstell's leadership-based community.
How long did the project take? 
The actual construction of the pavilion took three days, but I started the planning and proposal in Spring 2021.
When did you know you wanted to pursue your Eagle Scout rank? 
Around second grade. When I joined Cub Scouts, my dad told me he was an Eagle Scout - he was one of my biggest inspirations. Once I joined Scouts, I knew I wanted to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.
What troop do you belong to? 
I belong to Troop 395 in Finksburg, Maryland.
What is involved in the process to earn Eagle Scout? 
Becoming an Eagle Scout has many processes. The first is holding a leadership position in a troop; a Scout must be a Life Scout (rank before Eagle) for about six months, then earn at least 21 merit badges. After that, a Scout can complete an Eagle project. The project must go through proposal, planning, and reflection stages. Once a project is complete, a Scout begins to prepare for the Eagle Board of Review, when we answer questions from adult members of our troop, and discuss our life ambitions. Once approved, we are Eagle Scouts.
What is your favorite part about this project? 
My favorite part is the pavilion itself. I am so excited to see it being used during the school year and to hear stories of people's experiences with it.
2500 Old Westminster Pike
Finksburg, MD 21048-1823