Nicole Finkel '16 on Global Security Track

Nicole Finkel
This summer I embarked on my final semester of my Master’s Degree program at Johns Hopkins University which entailed working on my master’s research project. This project marked the culmination of my studies on the global security track.
I am happy to announce that last month I successfully defended my research before a panel of scholars and experts in the security field.
My research project is entitled "Kinetic Versus Cyber Attacks: A Look at International Response to a New Domain of Conflict.” It focuses on the differences between cyber and kinetic, conventional attacks and how they impact the varying international response. By looking at Georgia/Russia conflict of 2008 and Ukraine/Russia conflict which began in 2013 as case studies as well as analyzing congressional testimonies, I was able to evaluate if a new framework might need to be required to properly address the growing cyber threat on an international level. The research project will soon be available for public viewing via the Johns Hopkins library. 
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