Gerstell Falcons Boys Lacrosse Senior Recognition

We would like to express our appreciation to our seniors and their families, who have dedicated their time, talents and treasures to our Athletics program. Their passion, perseverance, and work ethic have set the example for what a Gerstell student-athlete is all about. Gerstell Academy, its coaches, and administration would like to recognize the following:
# 5 Johnny Hood accompanied by his mom Charlene Morazzani-Hood and Dad Robert Hood
Johnny plans to attend Stevenson University and study Biochemistry. Johnny has been a part of the varsity boy’s lacrosse program for 4 years and was captain in both his junior and senior seasons. Johnny would like to leave his team with the following message: Boys, I wish you all the best success in your future with school, athletics, and life. It's a bummer not having a senior season but I'm glad for the time spent with you guys. Keep your heads up and keep working hard, I know you have a championship in you. I’ll support you boys every way I can whether I am here or not. I’d like thank Coach Jack thank you for coming in and taking time to make sure our defense was pristine as could be, although I personally never got to work with you, I can tell the impact you leave. Coach Hilliard, thank you for being so tough on us, from all those dreaded shots on Woody to your inspiring words of encouragement, we've come so far from starting as my goalie coach and ending as my shooting coach, thank you for your endless knowledge. Finally, Coach Flemming, although our time was short, your teaching felt like a lifetime. Your passion for this team is untested and I can't wait to see where you take the team next. Sadly, my season was cut short but I knew we had a championship chance. Never lose that passion inside you. I wish you the best of luck!
Congratulations Johnny!
# 8 CJ Kovalsky accompanied by his parents Traci and Matthew Kovalsky
CJ plans to attend Elon College and study Business and Economics. CJ has been a part of the varsity boy’s lacrosse program for 4 years and was a captain in both his junior and senior seasons. CJ earned First-Team All-County, All MIAA Team and the Coaches Leadership Award in 2019, his junior season. He was also an integral part of the 2018 MIAA B-Conference Lacrosse Championship team. CJ would like to leave his team with the following message: We had a short season, but I know that if it hadn’t been interrupted we would have emerged conference champions. I saw the skill, the love, the want, and the dedication. I am glad I got the opportunity to play a few games with all of you this year, and I hope you all join pickup summer league with me. Thank you Flemdog and Mr. Hilliard for being dedicated to our team and for helping me grow as a lacrosse player. Also thank you to my parents for their continuous support throughout my high school career.
Lacrosse has been a part of my life since I was four years old, but these last four years have undoubtedly been the best. I am truly grateful to have spent those years as a Falcon and be part of a team that truly respects the Creator’s Game. Always remember, “Lacrosse is not a matter of life or death… It is more important than that!”

#12 Dylan Berman accompanied by his parents Valerie and Alex Berman and Sister Kylie
Dylan plans to attend Georgia Tech University and study Engineering. Dylan has been a part of the varsity lacrosse program for 4 years, a member on the 2018 MIAA B-Conference Lacrosse Championship Team and was captain this season. Dylan would like to leave his team with the following message:This is never what I imagined our last year together to look like. This season, although very short lived, and tempting to think about what could have been, is definitely something I will remember. This year, our team had massive potential, and during the weeks we had together I could already see us transforming into something great. During the short time together, I enjoyed every second and wish I didn't take those moments for granted. If only we could get a re-do of this season. I would give so much in order to play this season over again during less challenging times. These past 4 years on this team have truly been a blessing, and I can't thank my coaches or peers enough for making it so memorable. More than just the lacrosse games, I remember our long bus rides, our grueling sprints at the end of practice, our championship run, and our brotherly bond with one another. All the memories I have made and the experiences I have gained will be carried with me for the rest of my life. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who has made these past 4 years so awesome. I already miss lacrosse and everyone on the team, and hope we get to play together sometime soon.
Congratulations Dylan!
#15 Grant Abbott accompanied by his parents Stacey and Brian Abbott and sister Paige
Grant plans to enlist in the United States Army, Airborne Division and study Military Intelligence Maintenance/Integration. Grant has been a part of the varsity boys lacrosse program for 4 years and has been a captain in both his junior and senior seasons. Grant earned the Falcon award in lacrosse his freshman year, and was a part of the MIAA B-Conference Lacrosse Championship Team his sophomore year. Grant was also captain and an All-Conference wrestler this year. Grant would like to leave his team with the following message: Boys I love you like brothers and there are many of you that I will never forget. I will miss all of my fellow captains the most CJ, Johnny, and Dylan. I will miss going to practice every day with you guys and going to war together on game days. The handshakes and celebrations, along with pointless arguments and hardships. This team was very special. For the freshman, I feel like we got as close as everyone else even though we never had the opportunity to play with each other. Please play this game with passion and leave everything you have on the field every practice and most importantly every game. Lacrosse is an amazing sport. It is the game that has been given to us by the creator. Lacrosse is the Creator's Game. Cherish every moment you have with it and never disrespect the game, you never know when the last time you lace up your cleats and step foot on the field will be.
Congratulations Grant!
#17 Brendan Dillon accompanied by his parents Jamie Penrod and Dennis Dillon and brother Braedan
Brendan is currently undecided where he plans to attend college, but plans to study Astrophysics and Pre-Law. Brendan has been a part of the varsity boy’s lacrosse program for 4 years and a member of the 2018 MIAA B-Conference Lacrosse Championship Team. Brendan would like to leave his team with the following message: I wanted to say thank you for the boundless life experiences I've had at Gerstell. They will help me to define how to lead throughout this transition to college and through my future endeavors. It's unfortunate that we weren't able to play lacrosse this year; but truthfully we are very lucky to have gotten on the field to work together as a team before this all happened. As the Seniors move on to the next stage of their life, I hope Coach Flemming and all you Underclassmen keep working to build this program up to be something great! Lead our team to another Championship soon guys.
Congratulations Brendan!
# 22 Morgan Dowell accompanied by his parents Melanie and Andrew Dowell
Morgan plans to attend Stevenson University and study Business Administration. Morgan has been a part of the varsity boy’s lacrosse program for 4 years and a member of the 2018 MIAA B Conference Lacrosse Championship Team. Morgan would like to leave his team with the following message: Thank you coaches and I wish my teammates the best of luck. Go Falcons!
Congratulations Morgan!
#25 Rami Tadros accompanied by his parents Randa and Steve Tadros and sister Lena
Rami plans to attend UMBC and study Mechanical Engineering. Rami has been a part of the varsity boy’s lacrosse program for 4 years and a member of the 2018 MIAA B Conference Lacrosse Championship Team. Rami is also the winningest wrestler in Gerstell History with over 100 wins. Rami would like to leave his team the following message:  I would like to thank Coach Hilliard, Coach Rob, Coach Flemming, and Coach Todd, for teaching me the sport of lacrosse. I would also like to thank my wrestling team from freshman year, because without them, I would’ve never stepped foot on to the field. Although this year was cut short, we went out on a high note. We grew stronger as a team and closer as a family. I would’ve loved to finish the season with you all, but I know all good things must come to an end. I love you all, and encourage you all to put your ambition and drive that you had for this season and put it in to the next season, and go win another Championship. On that note, RAMI OUT!
Congratulations Rami!
The coaching staff would like to say the following:

Much like in the classic 1960’s John Sturges film, The Magnificent Seven, the class of 2020 came together from a variety of backgrounds to protect and promote the Gerstell Academy Motto, Principles, and Attributes, as student/athletes. C.J. Kovalsky, Grant Abbott, Dylan Berman, Brendan Dillon, Morgan Dowell, Johnny Hood, and Rami Tadros all offer something special to our Varsity Boys Lacrosse Program and to Gerstell Academy. They have experienced the highest of highs with a MIAA championship their sophomore year. They faced extreme adversity their junior year, a rebuilding year, but they did so with Leadership, Honor, and Courage. They are the cornerstone in what would be the return of the program back to the success and respectability. They would not do it as individuals, but as a team, a brotherhood, a family. We thank you for what we know would have been a great season. We know that you will continue to have success, either on or off the field, as you approach all future endeavors with passion, conviction, and persistence. We wish you the best as you continue to work to reach your full potential and remain thankful for and generous with your individual time, talents, and treasures. We will miss you because you are truly exceptional young men.
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