Freshman Headed to U.S. Synchronized National Skating Championships

Naomi Halphen, Class of 2023, has been ice skating since age 4. First participating as a fun activity, the sport developed into a passion for Naomi. At a local ice rink, Naomi was intrigued watching practice of a synchronized ice skating team. At age 7, she joined them, absolutely loved the sport, and since has been hooked. Now into her eighth season of skating synchro, Naomi performs for D.C. Edge Synchronized Ice Skating Teams and has moved up in the organization, now skating in their second highest level - the Novice team.
In January, the team competed in the Eastern Sectional Synchronized Skating Championship and finished in the top four on the east coast. This earned them a place in the nationals for the U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships. Nationally, the Novice team is part of the top 12 in America and is ready to compete in Providence, Rhode Island in February. This will be Naomi's second time qualifying for nationals.
What is Synchronized Ice Skating? "The best way to describe it is to imagine synchronized swimming, but on ice!" said Naomi. Her team uses 16 skaters who move as a unit to perform intricate, high-speed choreographed moves. Synchronized ice skating is the fastest growing sport within the ice skating world. According to U.S. Figure Skating, there are approximately 600 teams in the country.
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