Alumnus Pursues Masters Degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics

Casey Gruber, a Class of 2014 Gerstell graduate, is a senior at Northwestern University pursuing a Masters Degree in prosthetics and orthotics. His focus will be on clinical applications after he graduates from the program in March 2020. On the prosthetic side of his education, the focus is on the upper and lower limbs, primarily replacing lost function for a person with limb loss or deficiencies. The orthotic side focuses on augmenting, correcting, or bracing an intact body part, whether for someone with upper or lower limb involvement, or spinal or cranial presentations.
Casey's research primarily focuses on a surgical technique called Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR), invented in 2002 as a novel way to control prosthetic hands. "My focus is on how it also may help patients with limb loss to resolve various forms of neuropathic pain, such as neuroma or phantom limb pain," he said. "I am hoping for the opportunity to visit Guatemala to help run a prosthetic clinic for the locals."
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