Alumna Attributes Army Training Success to Gerstell Academy Leadership Principles

Hannah Seeley, Gerstell Academy Class of 2016, participated in an Advanced Camp 37-day Army Training in Fort Knox, Kentucky where she threw hand grenades, qualified on an M4 rifle, participated in a confidence course and rappel tower and lived for two weeks in a field environment conducting training exercises. Her leadership capabilities were tested and evaluated as she led a platoon through numerous missions. She graduated Advanced Camp in the top ten of her platoon, the second highest ranked female among ten.
As part of her Army ROTC summer training, Hannah participated in a three-week cultural intelligence internship near Ulaanbataar, Mongolia – Khan Quest 2019 – one of the largest multi-national peace-keeping training exercises. She worked with foreign militaries from Mongolia, South Korea, El Salvador, Australia, and other countries. She also taught English classes to Mongolian soldiers during which she learned much about their culture.
Hannah attributes her success in college and ROTC to the lessons she learned as a student at Gerstell. As she interacted with a variety of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, the Gerstell Leadership Principles she incorporated were Principle #3 – "Treat others as you want to be treated."; and Principle #6 – "Approach every endeavor with passion, conviction and persistence."
Hannah was recognized in the top ten of her platoon during the Advanced Camp graduation ceremony.
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