Son of Hindenburg Zeppelin Designer Visits Gerstell

On May 16th, Dr. Horst Schirmer spoke to the Upper School about the age of Zeppelins. His father, Max Schirmer, was an aeronautical designer for the construction of the Hindenburg Zeppelin, which gave Dr. Schirmer the opportunity to ride on the craft when he was six years old. This makes Dr. Schirmer one of three people living who has been aboard the Hindenburg. Dr. Schirmer was generous with his time and talents, speaking about the resourcefulness that went into the design and construction of Zeppelins. He also addressed the tragedy that befell the Hindenburg on May 6, 1937, when the hydrogen on board ignited, killing 37 people, and abruptly ending the Zeppelin industry. Dr. Schirmer also shared his own childhood recollections of the Hindenburg. The presentation was sponsored by Carroll County Public Library, whose Director of Community Engagement, Dorothy Stoltz, spoke to Upper School students about the Summer Discovery program, before introducing Dr. Schirmer. 
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