Laura Wasserman Loves the Theater

Laura Wasserman came to Gerstell Academy on her birthday last August to be our Lower School Administrative Assistant.
Mrs. Wasserman spent 22 years as a mortgage professional, building and managing teams of mortgage loan processors. For five years, she and her husband co-owned a mortgage company before merging it with a local bank. She then handled the social media marketing for her husband’s private personal training business. For fun, she started a Lularoe clothing business. As a successful small business owner, Mrs. Wasserman planned and participated in meaningful local fundraisers which contributed to important causes. While serving on the PTA board at her son’s elementary school, she directed several fundraising campaigns.
In 2016, Mrs. Wasserman toured Gerstell Academy for the first time; she was very impressed with the courteous and welcoming students and knew that her son would have a great experience in sixth grade. As she became more involved with Gerstell and the Gerstell Academy Parents’ Association, she learned what a pleasant environment it is and wanted to work here full-time! Mrs. Wasserman’s favorite part of being at Gerstell is interacting with the amazing students, parents, and staff.
Mrs. Wasserman’s favorite hobby is going to the theater and she frequents the Hippodrome in Baltimore. She cannot wait to see Hamilton next month! She loves to spend time with her friend’s beautiful 3 year old foster child and looks forward to becoming her godmother.
Mrs. Wasserman has three children. Her daughters Alexa and Amie are 23 and 22 years old, and her son Adam is an 8thgrader at Gerstell. Her husband Jason is a personal fitness trainer and nutritionist at a private gym. The Wassermans enjoy cooking out and playing with their two rescue dogs, Benson and Rey. 
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