Gerstell Students Observe Live Surgery

Dr. Frederick G. Smith, Gerstell Founder and President Emeritus, arranged for 10 students with an interest in pursuing medical careers, to observe a live Trans-Aortic Valve Replacement surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital earlier this week. Two student leaders shared about this unique educational opportunity:
"I had an amazing time at St. Joseph's Hospital. I have always wanted to pursue a career in medicine but I have never truly understood how everything worked and the circumstances faced in the operating room. It was all so eye-opening to me, and interesting. All of the doctors, nurses, and staff involved with our visit were extremely informative and gave us an opportunity to witness such a fascinating procedure that I did not even know existed. Throughout the past few years, I was questioning if studying medicine was the correct route for me in college, but after observing the surgery yesterday, I felt a lot more reassured in my career path for the future. Because of this incredible experience, I respect the work that doctors and nurses provide for the pubic a lot more."
- Nicole Radams
"The opportunity to witness such a pioneering procedure was unmatched, not only from an observer's standpoint, but also as a prospective medical student. Medical technology has allowed individuals to increase their quality of life significantly, and the specific procedure we saw had been active for less than 20 years, which just gives an idea of how rapidly this technology is advancing. The emotional aspect was talked about as well, and how procedures like this are able to give people a cure from a disease they otherwise would have certainly died from. Essentially, what we saw was someone saving a life in real time, which is something I will never forget. My interest in medicine through this experience has only continued to grow, and I am excited to see where this takes me in the future."
- Khadija Shah
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