Celenza to be Inducted into Baltimore Blast Hall of Fame

Gerstell Academy P.E. Instructor and Varsity Girls' Soccer Coach, Mr. Giuliano Celenza will be inducted into the Baltimore Blast Hall of Fame on Sunday, February 24, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.
Before Mr. Celenza began his Gerstell teaching and coaching career four years ago, he played professional soccer for 11 years with the Baltimore Blast. Mr. Celenza practiced Leadership Principle #6 throughout his professional soccer career. He was a two-time All-League selection and a two-time All-Star. The team won five championships during his tenure. His accomplishments make him one of only three players in franchise history to record 400 or more points and play in more than 200 games.
Congratulations to Mr. Celenza on receiving this well-deserved recognition.
2500 Old Westminster Pike
Finksburg, MD 21048-1823