...at Gerstell is defined as, “The art of positively influencing others to unite in a common direction and guiding them to improve themselves and their community.” Gerstell Academy students and faculty endeavor to fully understand and put the definition into action.


...at Gerstell is doing the right thing when no one is looking regardless of the consequences. Students are taught what honor is and how to live honorably by acting in accordance with the Gerstell Leadership Principles. Honor is integrated into the curriculum and daily life.


...at Gerstell is the ability to act in the face of fear. Not to be fearless, but to learn how to demonstrate both physical and moral courage in the face of adversity. Our goal is to develop our students to be morally courageous: to do the right thing regardless of the pressure put on them.

Leadership in Action

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Maviah Delly, kindergarten student was chosen to represent Gerstell Academy in a national contest after winning the state grade level contest in the Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest. On May 2nd, Maviah received an engraved State Winner Medallion. His class leaders, Mrs. Jessica Holthaus and Mrs. Margaret Welliver received the Glass Diamond Award. The Gerstell Academy Lower School also received a $200.00 Zaner-Bloser coupon.
Dr. Greenspoon, upper school history teacher, mentor, and advisor to his students, wrote an article exploring the topic of the importance of religion in a child's upbringing. The article was included in a newly released book on the role of religion in the lives of children. The purpose of the book is to provide readers with a fuller understanding of how religion has historically played an integral role in a child's upbringing.
The Upper School Ethics and Debate Team traveled to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill on April 7th to participate in a weekend competition sponsored by the Parr Center for Ethics. The students won the regional competition held in February before advancing to the national competition. The students were among 24 teams competing as they presented their ethical analysis on a variety of case studies. The topics were provided in advance, and the students, led by Leadership instructor, Mr. Dane Menges, displayed their presentation and public speaking skills.
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Gerstell Academy

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"Gerstell Academy is the only leadership school in the area, and our children have benefited greatly by its values-based curriculum."

Leadership permeates all aspects of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their leadership in school, at home, and in the community.

"The admissions process at Gerstell Academy was a wonderfully welcoming experience. From the moment we entered the Robert E. Smith Hall, we knew that Gerstell was where we wanted our child to be."

"The challenging academics at Gerstell Academy taught our daughter to think critically and to be prepared to compete in an increasingly global society. We loved the Spanish fluency requirement."

Physical training encompasses both daily physical education opportunities and competitive athletics.

Gerstell Academy parents, along with the greater Gerstell community, provide financial support to offset the cost of private education.

Gerstell Alumni are important contributing members of the Gerstell community, charged with making a positive difference in the world.

Gerstell Academy aspires and endeavors to remain a vibrant contributing member of our local communities.

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